About us

The day I defended my PhD thesis I was told that wanting to contribute to the achievement of Satisfactory, Sustainable and Socially fair (Triple-S) work was not different than building castles in the air. I answered that if those who started the struggle to abolish apartheid would have thought the same, today South Africa would not be a democracy. We do not compare ourselves with these heroes and heroines, but they inspire us. We do not intend to change the world, but we have the know-how to contribute to improve the world of people and organizations that want more fulfillment, more environmental sustainability and more social justice in and through work. We contribute to the achievement of the following SDGs 2030: 1-No poverty, 3-Good health and wellbeing, 5-Gender equality, 8-Decent work, 10-Reduced inequalities, 13-Climate action. In a world where ‘ad infinitum’ is mainly linked to unlimited economic growth, we work for the constant growth of Triple-S employability.  At AD INFINITUM employability, a social business, we transfrom hope into results