Make your own luck

Has luck played a role in your career? Seeing an old acquaintance just by chance, hobbies, an unexpected meeting … These are the kind of experiences that, without looking for them, can turn into satisfactory work opportunities. It is said that chance is capricious but … Is it possible to increase the chances of ‘having a lucky break? Yes it is, because…

  • Luck favors the prepared mind: The movie Jerry Maguire is based on the life of an agent of football players. As a university student he wanted to be a lawyer, but he had the ‘luck’ to meet a promising player that asked him to be his agent.  Was it just luck? Maybe it helped the fact that he was good in his studies, that he related to different people, that he was in charge of the students’ residence where they met…
  • Luck favors the audacious: when the law student was offered to be a sports agent he had no experience in it, but he still took the risk. The idea is to dare to do new things and, without haste but without pause, to leave our comfort zone.
  • Luck favors the curious, if only because the more you move, explore, try … the more chances there are that opportunities will appear.
  • Luck favors open minded people; they see objectives as guides, not as dictators. They treat objectives as hypotheses, not as absolute truths. This attitude makes it easier for them to identify opportunities that others would disregard and to take advantage of them.

So, get ready, dare, be curious, be open minded and … You’ll be on your way to your lucky break!

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