How to overcome discrimination in the job search

We carried out the workshops ‘How to  overcome discrimination in the job search’ with people that are looking for a job in 3 municipalities of Barcelona Province: Cubelles, Llinars del Vallès i Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

Bein a woman or being of a certain age may add difficulties to what is not already an easy process: search for a job. This is the case because, too often, they have less opportunities given the prejudices some companies may have when they are hiring.

In the workshops participants learn how to be the exception to these prejudices. To do so, they first identify their strengths and thy apply them in job search tools such as the cv, the interview, the email and others that are gaining more importance after the pandemic, such as the video-cv or hiring tools that use artificial intelligence.

Participants finish the training with more trust in their own possibilities and with new tools to improve the job search.

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