How to carry out vocational guidance with Primary and Secondary Education children/youth

We have worked with diverse education professionals of Montornès del Vallès (Barcelona) municipality in order to identify why, what and how carry out vocational guidance with children and youth.

Amongst the issues highlighted during the training was the importance of vocational guidance in primary education to facilitate that children may widen their options to choose a profession in a later stage of their lives. To do so, the work focuses in braking stereotypes and addressing tacit learnings that may reduce it. At the same time, the identification of strengths, interests and skills is fostered.

Vocational guidance in secondary education intends to mentor youth so they can choose one or more careers that align with their aspirations and interests and that may be useful for the community at large.

The professionals that participated in the training worked out an action plan to promote vocational guidance in their organisations.

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